The FARGODOME is an event-filled entertainment center with plenty of traffic. Consider the following:

  • FARGODOME is the most highly attended venue in the region
  • We draw from a pool of more than 575,000 people within a 100-mile radius
  • An event set up and hosted here every other day
  • Our meeting facilities are scheduled, on average, 340 days of the year. Your ads will appear on lobby monitors that run every day during business hours in addition to scheduled events

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Our patrons come for NDSU Football, concerts, family shows, theatre, meetings, trade shows and other events. Those entertainment seekers are also your prospective customers—a good reason to consider a FARGODOME corporate sponsorship.

Others include:

  • Wide-range exposure
  • Positive brand positioning
  • Creative business opportunities

FARGODOME Corporate Sponsors Enjoy:

  • Around 500,000 patrons attend events annually
  • FARGODOME actively markets to more than half a million people within a 100 mile radius of the F-M area
  • Largest event venue in the upper Midwest—from Minneapolis to Seattle
  • Year-round exposure for your company
  • A captive audience