"Great building, great staff in a very healthy market that sells lots of tickets. The FARGODOME is a great multipurpose building that can accommodate any show."


Jerry Mickelson
JAM Productions



The FARGODOME has a track record of hosting some of the biggest and best events between Minneapolis and Seattle. From concerts to sporting events, tradeshows to business conventions, theater to religious revivals, the FARGODOME helps put the "WOW!" factor in your event.


  • Building Specifications

    • A total of 115,000 square feet of exhibit space including:
      • A large 400 ft. X 200 ft. area totaling 80,000 square feet on the main arena floor
      • 20,000 square feet on the concourse level
      • An additional 15,000 square feet in the lobby
    • Spacious meeting rooms available
    • Total meeting room seating capacity of 1,000 with theater setup; single rooms can accommodate smaller events
    • Variable arena seating configurations, from 2,500 to 25,000
    • Dome concert seating
    • Arena concert seating
    • Excellent acoustics
    • Half-house configuration for maximum flexibility
    • 3,200 parking spaces available; 50 handicap accessible spaces
    • Large Midwest fan base


    General Seating Arrangements

    The FARGODOME has extreme versatility with seating configurations. On a regular basis, the facility is transformed from a conference facility to concert hall, to football arena, to theatre—all within a few days. Click here to view some of our popular arrangements and get a better view of how we can accommodate your event, no matter the size.

  • Equipment

    Equipment Rental Information
    Equipment Price
    • 8 ft. banquet size (30" x 96") $4 each per day
    • 8 ft. classroom size (18" x 96") $4 each per day
    • 6 ft. round tables (72") $4 each per day
    • Skirted tables $10 each per day
    Chairs $0.75 each per day
    Basketball Floor $300 per event
    Stage (per 4x8 deck) $11.20
    (Xenon Super Trouper)
    $100 each per day
    (Operator extra)
    $25 each per hour
    Pressure Washer
    (Operator extra)
    $75 each per day
    (9' x 12' available)
    $50 each per day
    LCD Projector (Proxima/Eiki)
    (computer must be provided by the meeting planner)
    $125 each per day
    42" Television $75 each per day
    65" Television $100 each per day
    Blu-Ray Player $50 each per day
    House Sound $150 per day
    • Regular $10 each per day
    • Lavaliere $50 each per day
    • Wireless $50 each per day
    (stand-up or tabletop)
    $25 each per day
    Coat Racks
    (50 hang capacity)
    $25 each per day
    3' or 8' High Pipe & Drape
    (Blue or Black)
    $1.50 per running foot

    14' High Pipe & Drape

    $3 per running foot
    Portable Radios $35 each per day

    Phone Hookup and Handset
    (long distance extra)

    $100 each per day
    Easel $10 each per day
    Dry Erase Board $15 each per day

    All equipment subject to availability. Equipment rates subject to change. Additional items available upon request.

  • Services

    Service Rental Information
    Service Price
    Catering service cost plus fifteen (15%) percent Decorating company cost plus ten (10%) percent
    Electrical Usage Charge
    $500 per event
    Electrical Service  
    • 120 volt 20 amp duplex $10 each per day
    • 220 volt 30 amp single phase $25 each per day
    • 20 volt over 30 amp $30 + $10 per additional 10 amps per day
    Water and Drain Services $100 per fill up to 5,000 gallons $20 additional for each 1,000 gallons in excess of 5,000 gallons
    Telephone Extension
    (long distance extra)
    $100 per event
    T1 Internet Connection
    Facility User Fee $0.50 per hard ticket sold
    $1.00 per computerized ticket sold
    (under $20)
    $1.50 per computerized ticket sold
    (over $20)
    • Black & White $0.10 per copy
    • Color $0.50 per copy
    Novelty/Souvenir Sales Varies by show
    Sales Tax Seven and one half percent (7.5%)
    On-site Parking 3,200 on-site parking spaces
    Parking fee is $5.00 per car
    $100 per event                                                                                                                                                  

    All electrical, water, drain, telephone and cable television rates are based on advance orders.
    (All day-of orders add $5 each per day.)
    All services subject to availability. All service rates subject to change.

  • Guidelines

    We’re eager to help make your event a success. The following guidelines will help us to do so.

    1. The FARGODOME does not allow the use of duct, masking, scotch, or two-sided tape for any application. We require that only wrestling mat tape be used in the facility. This may be purchased at sporting goods stores or we will have it available for sale during move-in for $11.00 per roll. If your exhibitors use any two-sided tape, a minimum clean up charge of $300.00 will be assessed directly to the promoter.
    2. The FARGODOME does not allow small decorative helium balloons to be used anywhere in the arena. Large tethered advertising balloons may be used in your display area but before inflating them, please sign a waiver at the utility table in the NW corner of the field level.
    3. The FARGODOME is unable to accept any shipments for vendors prior to the start of, or after the conclusion of your show. If you need to ship items prior to arriving for move-in, please send them directly to the decorator that has been designated for your event. The FARGODOME will accept shipments for promoters prior to events. Please have the sender note your company name and the event coordinator’s name on the package, so that our staff will know that they can accept the parcel.
    4. All paint over-spray removal charges will be billed directly to the promoter.
    5. When arranging your contract times, please be sure that you have allowed enough time for your decorator to move in their materials and complete the necessary measuring and set-up prior to the beginning of your move-in. Often we are not able to accommodate requests for extra time and would appreciate it if you would plan for their needs in advance.
    6. All vendors who plan to give away food samples must first contact our food & beverage department and obtain prior approval.
    7. A FARGODOME exhibitor utility order form will be included in your vendor packet. Please note that all requests must be received with full payment seven days prior to the beginning of your show in order for us to honor the advance rate price of these services.
    8. The FARGODOME is a smoke-free facility.
    9. The FARGODOME does not allow the use of any kind of tapes or adhesives in its rooms and facilities. Easels or some other kind of holder must be used for all signage. Please ask for assistance with this issue if needed.
    10. Section 33 on the east concourse is not available to promoters for tradeshows. Our food and beverage department occupies this space. Please be sure that you do not sell or plan to use this area during your show. The FARGODOME also uses Section 1 for Guest Services. In addition, no booths may be sold in front of any permanent advertising panels on the concourse level.
    11. Occasionally, we are able to accommodate requests from vendors to stage their trailers or extra vehicles in an empty parking lot prior to the beginning of move-in. However, all arrangements for this must be made with the event coordinator prior to the move-in day. We have experienced problems with exhibitors dropping their items and blocking our parking lots. The FARGODOME assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or vandalism of items left outdoors.
    12. Please advise your vendors that all vehicles, trailers, and booth materials must be removed completely from the FARGODOME and its parking lots by the time your contract expires.
  • Your Events Team

    Rob Sobolik
    General Manager

    Bernie Larson
    Assistant General Manager

    Colleen Moriarty
    Box Office Manager

    Jamie Costello
    Event Coordinator

    Sarah (Tabery) Dykema
    Director of Marketing & Sales