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Facility Rules and Regulations

  1. Alcohol beverage policy
    In order to purchase alcohol during events at FARGOODME, an acceptable ID must be presented and the customer must be at least 21 years of age. Please be prepared to present a valid state or Canada issued ID such as a driver’s license, permit or ID card. Military IDs will not be accepted, per request from the City of Fargo. Additionally, passports may not be accepted for the purchase of alcohol.
  2. Please note that any ID used for the purchase of alcohol must be current (i.e. not expired) and FARGODOME personnel has the right to refuse service to anyone. Each customer is allowed to purchase up to two (2) alcoholic beverages per transaction.
  3. Animals
    Trained guide dogs or service animals assisting guests with disabilities are permitted inside the arena. All other animals are prohibited.
  4. Banners and signs
    Banners are allowed in the arena for some events, however, they may not be hung or fastened anywhere in the FARGODOME. Signs larger than legal paper size or on a stick are strictly prohibited.
  5. Emergencies and evacuation - Designated FARGODOME ushers have been trained in proper procedures for emergency preparedness. These designated employees will have the primary duty of assisting patrons with disabilities to specific locations.
  6. Guest conduct
    FARGODOME is committed to providing an exciting, family atmosphere in the arena. Guests using foul language or appearing to be intoxicated will be escorted from the arena. Guests wearing obscene or indecent clothing with be denied entry. The use of laser pointers is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection. If someone is interfering with your enjoyment of the event, please contact a FARGODOME event staff member.
    • FARGODOME uses ISS 24/7. If you need help or need to report an issue while attending an event, text "Fargo" to 69050.
  7. Outside vending
    Outside food and beverage are prohibited. An empty water container with a lid is permitted to be brought in through a ticket entrance so the guest can fill at a water fountain.
  8. Prohibited items- In the interest of guest safety and enjoyment, the FARGODOME reserves the right to prevent certain items from being carried into the arena. These include, but are not limited to:
    • Bags larger than 13" x 13"
    • Fireworks/open flames
    • iPads used for photos/videos
    • Weapons and firearms
    • Laser pointers
    • Selfie stick
    • Remote or motorized controlled vehicles
    • Drones
  9. Re-entry
    There is no re-entry to the arena.
  10. Smoking policy
    FARGODOME is a smoke-free building including electronic cigarettes; smoking in your suite is strictly prohibited. Designated smoking areas are located outside the building at the northeast and southwest corners.
  11. Ticket scalping
    This is prohibited on FARGODOME premises. It is strongly recommended that you do not purchase your tickets from a non-FARGODOME third party.


Football Tailgating Policy

The following standards have been developed so that North Dakota State University students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests may enjoy their game day experience to the fullest. We anticipate your cooperation in observing each of these points, which are provided in the best interest of health and safety.

Tailgating is allowed in all FARGODOME Parking lots. The tailgate lots allowing the consumption of alcohol are lots E, F, and G ONLY. Consumption and possession of alcohol is prohibited in lots A, AA, B, C, D, and all other lots on the campus of North Dakota State University.

Portable restrooms are available in the west parking lots. Additional restrooms available include the Fargodome lobby and west concourse.

Tailgating Hours:
Tailgating begins 5 Hours prior to kickoff and ends 30 minutes prior to kickoff, when all guests will be required to either enter the building or leave the property until the game concludes.

Lots E/F Open: ½ hour prior to general tailgating lots with the proper pass.

All tailgaters will be required to display tickets for the number of parking spots they are using.

Tailgating Rules & Regulations

  1. The University and the FARGODOME reserve the right to restrict any vehicle or person for reasons of safety.
  2. For safety reasons, we ask that all beverages be consumed from plastic or paper cups.
    Beer kegs, party balls, open cans, and glass bottles of beverages are prohibited in all parking areas.
  3. Under no circumstances shall persons under 21 years of age have possession of alcoholic beverages in the tailgate areas. Persons under the age of 21 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  4. "Drinking games (including but not limited to beer pong), and the use of devices intended to accelerate the consumption of alcohol (including but not limited to funnels or beer bongs) are prohibited."
  5. No open containers of alcoholic beverages will be permitted outside the designated lots.
  6. Individuals who interfere with the rights of other people by the use of loud, abusive language and behavior that prevent others from enjoying tailgating and the game will be asked to cease the behavior or leave the event.
  7. Tailgating participants are responsible for keeping FARGODOME and North Dakota State University and surrounding areas clean. Trash bins are located on every lot, and trash bags are available from tailgate personnel. We encourage all fans to help keep the tailgating area clean.
  8. Driving under the influence is illegal in the state of North Dakota. State drinking and driving laws will be enforced in and around all parking lots.
  9. Solicitation is not allowed on the North Dakota State University campus or FARGODOME property without a permit. The sale of items by anyone other than University personnel is prohibited unless the University has granted prior approval. All FARGODOME solicitation policies apply.
  10. Open flame fires, including fire pits, are prohibited in parking lots. Propane and charcoal grills are permitted. Please properly dispose of all hot coals.
  11. Drones are not permitted in any area of FARGODOME property, including parking lots.
  12. Please be aware that individuals who violate the above rules and regulations will be asked to leave the property and be subject to legal penalties.

Fargodome Tailgate Map


Meetings, Gatherings, Receptions, and Promoter Events

  1. The FARGODOME does not allow the use of duct, masking, scotch, or two-sided tape for any application. We require that only wrestling mat tape be used in the facility. This may be purchased at sporting goods stores or we will have it available for sale during move-in for $11.00 per roll. If your exhibitors use any two-sided tape, a minimum clean up charge of $300.00 will be assessed directly to the promoter.
  2. The FARGODOME does not allow small decorative helium balloons to be used anywhere in the arena. Large tethered advertising balloons may be used in your display area but before inflating them, please sign a waiver at the utility table in the NW corner of the field level.
  3. The FARGODOME is unable to accept any shipments for vendors prior to the start of, or after the conclusion of your show. If you need to ship items prior to arriving for move-in, please send them directly to the decorator that has been designated for your event. The FARGODOME will accept shipments for promoters prior to events. Please have the sender note your company name and the event coordinator’s name on the package, so that our staff will know that they can accept the parcel.
  4. All paint over-spray removal charges will be billed directly to the promoter.
  5. When arranging your contract times, please be sure that you have allowed enough time for your decorator to move in their materials and complete the necessary measuring and set-up prior to the beginning of your move-in. Often we are not able to accommodate requests for extra time and would appreciate it if you would plan for their needs in advance.
  6. All vendors who plan to give away food samples must first contact our food & beverage department and obtain prior approval.
  7. A FARGODOME exhibitor utility order form will be included in your vendor packet. Please note that all requests must be received with full payment seven days prior to the beginning of your show in order for us to honor the advance rate price of these services.
  8. The FARGODOME is a smoke-free facility.
  9. The FARGODOME does not allow the use of any kind of tapes or adhesives in its rooms and facilities. Easels or some other kind of holder must be used for all signage. Please ask for assistance with this issue if needed.
  10. Section 33 on the east concourse is not available to promoters for tradeshows. Our food and beverage department occupy this space. Please be sure that you do not sell or plan to use this area during your show. The FARGODOME also uses Section 1 for Guest Services. In addition, no booths may be sold in front of any permanent advertising panels on the concourse level.
  11. Occasionally, we are able to accommodate requests from vendors to stage their trailers or extra vehicles in an empty parking lot prior to the beginning of move-in. However, all arrangements for this must be made with the event coordinator prior to the move-in day. We have experienced problems with exhibitors dropping their items and blocking our parking lots. The FARGODOME assumes no responsibility for loss, theft or vandalism of items left outdoors.
  12. Please advise your vendors that all vehicles, trailers, and booth materials must be removed completely from the FARGODOME and its parking lots by the time your contract expires.